About us

The Swedish AI Association (AICenter) enables and facilitates organizations, companies, and individuals to cooperate locally & globally to increase their business value and opportunities. AICenter also provides organizations with funding, certifications, guidelines, and certified AI training programs towards equality, safety, and security.

Swedish AI Fund

SAIF is an NGO with the purpose of providing financial aid, grants, and scholarships globally to those who are working, researching, and/or involved in the AI industry towards equality, safety, and security in the field of AI. To achieve this end, several public and private actors are collaborating in SAIF. In 2023, SAIF is funding 100 million Swedish Krona globally.
SAIF is expanding fast to reach more countries. Currently, SAIF is active in 8 countries: Israel, Sweden, Albania, the UK, South Africa, Germany, Georgia, and North Macedonia.

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