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AICenter certifies AI companies and AI-related products, and services as being safe and secure. Becoming a certified AI company gives you an advantageous position in the market. Also, this helps those in need of AI to reach you through a reliable certification system AICenter provides.



AICenter provides AI-related companies with different workshops and seminars. Also, we hold expo, mingle and lightning talks which serve different purposes and themes aligned with AICenter areas of activities. See all past and upcomin events here aicenter.se/events


AICenter has started in Gothenburg, Sweden, and we are expanding to other locations. Soon you can reach AICenter in other cities and countries too.

About Us


AICenter is a business platform to facilitate the AI industry in order to provide industries with equal, safe, and secure AI. AICenter is an initiative of Codotrix AB.

We as founders of the AICenter have a diverse field of expertise researching, analyzing and dealing with different issues regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) for several years. We see a big void in the AI industry when it comes to safety, security, and equality. There is a high demand for AI and the companies are in need of access to a safe and secure AI. Our vision is to making the AI technology accessible to those in need of AI, and making the AI services and products certified in terms of being safe and secure.


You can be a member by sending a request to join@aicenter.se and pay the annual membership fee. As a member you have free access to all the events, workshops and seminars hold by the AICenter. The membership fee is 26.000 SEK/year.


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