Certifications and Programs

AI Classification Certification
The Swedish AI Association provides licenses to AI experts in the field, approving their expertise, knowledge, and experience in different fields of AI. 

AI for Managers & Executives
This program is for managers with no AI/tech background who want to learn and add AI to their proficiencies and benefit from AI in their professions.

Inclusive AI
Compliance with Gender Equality and Diversity Certification
You experience training combining lectures and interactive exercises in a fun and interesting way. Throughout the program, participants will work with their own chosen case connected to their specific organizational challenges. The analysis, strategy, and applicable plan for implementation serve as the certification assignment.

AI for Youth
This program is for young people (age 16-29) who want to start a career in the field of AI.
Those who complete the assignments of the program will get the chance to present their work to the AICenter global network. They will receive a digitally verifiable and globally recognizable certificate issued by the AICenter Sweden.

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