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SAIF covers purchases the programs toward equality, safety, and security.

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Programs Covered by SAIF

AI Classification Certification
The Swedish AI Association provides licenses to AI experts in the field, approving their expertise, knowledge, and experience in different fields of AI. 

Python - I level
The objective of this course is to teach new developers the basics of programing through numerous examples and exercises and to learn how Python is used to solve complex problems. The curriculum for this course is created and tailored to prepare students for passing the PCEP (Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer) exam.

Python - II level
The course for advanced Python continues where the basic training has ended. The student will have the opportunity to learn best Python practices, better organization of projects, writing automated tests, multithreading and will get familiar with web development using Django.
The curriculum for this course is created and tailored to prepare students for passing the PCАP (Certified Associate in Python Programming) exam.

Package Python courses
The curriculum for Python level I and Python Level II are built and customized according to the curriculum offered by the Python Institute, so the students are well prepared to take and pass the PCEP and PCAP exams. These courses are intended for all those who want to become familiar with the basic concepts of programming and ways of developing applications in different programming languages and technologies

Microsoft Data Science Institute
Opportunities for data scientists—one of today's hottest jobs—are rapidly growing in response to the exponential amounts of data being captured and analyzed. Companies hire data scientists to find insights and to solve meaningful business problems.Microsoft consulted data scientists and the companies that employ them to identify the core skills they need to be successful. Semos Education as Microsoft Gold Partner created this unique curriculum used to teach key functional and technical skills, so you can become Data Scientist.

PL-200: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant
We live in a data driven world; your business can find it difficult to take advantage of the data you have access to. Sales, customer, and employee data should drive our business decisions, but where do we even start? The Microsoft Power Platform can add value to any business by helping you to analyze, act, and automate. Spread citizen AI with Microsoft Power Platform by using AI Builder as a Microsoft Power Platform capability that helps you improve your business performance by automating processes and predicting outcomes. By using AI Builder prebuilt models, you can quickly bring AI to your apps and flows that connect to your business data.Act by building custom apps in Power Apps, automate processes based on the data you collect in Power Automate, analyze the data you have collected in Power BI and create powerful chatbots with Power Virtual Agents.

PL-100: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker
‍This course will teach you how to build apps with low-code techniques to simplify, automate, and transform business tasks and processes using Microsoft Power Platform.

AI for Managers & Executives
This program is for managers with no AI/tech background who want to learn and add AI to their proficiencies and benefit from AI in their professions.

Inclusive AI
Compliance with Gender Equality and Diversity Certification
You experience training combining lectures and interactive exercises in a fun and interesting way. Throughout the program, participants will work with their own chosen case connected to their specific organizational challenges. The analysis, strategy, and applicable plan for implementation serve as the certification assignment.

AI for Youth
This program is for young people (age 16-29) who want to start a career in the field of AI.
Those who complete the assignments of the program will get the chance to present their work to the AICenter global network. They will receive a digitally verifiable and globally recognizable certificate issued by the AICenter Sweden.

AI Conferences
This service is an awareness campaign on AI issues organized in educational and professional institutions in Cameroon. The objective is to propose AI and data science in general as a career choice for the second cycle of secondary education and university institutions.

This course provides learners with an overview of artificial intelligence: the concepts and principles that govern the field with a focus on model design, benefits and challenges, and most importantly, steps to take to reduce the negative effects of AI.

This training is designed for a group of people willing to either acquire a particular skill or apply artificial intelligence in their respective business areas.
Not only will this training allow us to demystify AI, but it will also allow the attendees to learn existing AI-based tools that can help them to improve their activities or even to master the programming libraries allowing them to design the IA solutions.

This course is an incubation one and is based on selected projects. The program is designed for people who want to learn how to design an AI project
from scratch. In addition to demystifying AI, this training allows attendees to learn how to build and sell AI-based solutions that respect human values with minimal bias. The main objective of this training is to provide AI solutions to local problems and to guide learners into a research or professional career according to their skills and ambitions.

My mentor is a woman ‍
Training for companies/executives/managers to increase diversity in their organizations.

AI Readiness training
The training is to understand artificial intelligence and integrate it into your business for non-tech people.

Academy online in AI MAIA
A training that brings together a community in the French-speaking world from 10 to 18 years old.
The objective of this MAIA training is to discover artificial intelligence, robotics, and ethics through personal projects in groups and in a playful way. In this way, we want to help young people develop their skills and surf artificial intelligence.

Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner
Develop the knowledge and skill sets of AI concepts, technologies, and tools that will enable candidates to become capable AI practitioners in a wide variety of AI-related job functions. This certification exam is designed for practitioners who are seeking to demonstrate a vendor-neutral, cross-industry skill set within AI and with a focus on ML that will enable them to design, implement, and hand off an AI solution or environment.

Artificial Intelligence Academy
Compulsory modules
• Introduction to python programing
• Mathematical Foundation for AI and Мachine Learning
• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Fundamentals
• Beginning Data Science with Python and Jupyter
• Machine Learning Fundamentals
• Applied Data Science with Python and Jupyter
• Applied Deep Learning with Py Torch
• Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Practitioner course

Web Hosting 
servers are based on cloudlinux which boosts the performance of cPanel and your website work faster.

AI Machine Vision and Image Processing in Practice (Chinese)
With this 2 days full time training, you will learn how to manage image processing in practice.

Deep Learning Knowledge Structure with Case Combat Training (Chinese)
With this 3 days full time training, you will learn deep Learning Knowledge Structure with Case Combat.

AI Data gathering, analysis and visualization with Python (Chinese)
1 full day training on key technology for AI development, the training is in Chinese only.The course can be provide both digital and in person.

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